I called Google TV’s “Fling” (and Apple’s “AirPlay”) back in January

Okay, from the new Google TV website:

Find a great website on your phone and want to show it to everyone? Now you can. “Fling” what you’re watching, listening to, or doing on your phone by sending it to your TV with the press of a button.

And from a post I wrote in January (iSlate: The Son of Apple TV), about the then-rumoured iPad:

…you’ll be able to watch a movie on the iSlate.

But with a simple swipe, you’ll be able to “toss” the video stream to another display, like your TV screen.

It’s really not unlike Apple’s new AirPlay technology, actually, but Apple’s seems more expansive in its vision. AirPlay is more of an independent protocol and will support a broader range of devices like stereo receivers and even cheap consumer-grade speakers.

I just felt like I had to toot my horn today when I caught Google use of the word “fling” to describe the services; it was way close to my “toss.”