Sign the Petition to Stop the Meter!

I encourage everyone to take a moment today and sign the online petition to stop ISPs from charging Canadians for internet based on usage. Why? Because, as is currently demonstrated with charges based on over-use, the internet will cost more, and you’ll get less.

Today is a big day to get the Liberal Party on side with this (the NDP have already stated they’re against use-based billing) and get Parliament moving to kill the CRTC’s recent anti-consumer decision.

This is a matter of the utmost importance to Canadians. We are already one of the most underserved and over-billed internet populations in the world. If the ISPs start metering our use and billing us based on it, we’ll begin paying much, much more for internet and we’ll use it less.

As a result, important elements of culture, society, and the economy will fall further and further behind both domestically and internationally. Don’t let this happen. Put your name on the petition and let the Liberal Party and parliament know that Canadians want an affordable, usable internet.

Maybe Porn Is Better for Your Kid After All

Wolverine races through the jungle towards a group of dark-skinned thugs.

With that distinctive SNIKT sound, his adamantium claws slice out of the skin between his knuckles.

Wolverine leaps onto the nearest figure, a man in a wife beater holding a chainsaw. He sinks his claws into the man’s back and a thick geyser of blood spurts into the air and sprays a nearby tree.

With another swipe, Wolverine opens the man’s belly and innards erupt.

Then with an upward swipe Wolverine removes the man’s jaw along with a portion of his face.

This is just one violent scene of dozens from an M-rated game. In fact, there are five more guys Wolverine will disembowel in this scene alone.

I often wonder how an 8-year-old I know processes scenes like this as he plays them alone in his bedroom.

Adults have no problem interpreting this material as so-called “cartoon violence”.

(Truth be told, I love it.)

But to a young boy who hasn’t yet even been introduced to basic biology, this immersion into the macabre world of bodily mutilation must be at least very confusing, if not perverting.

Why do so many parents let this happen? We know better, after all. Continue reading

Is Northwestel For Us, Or Against Us?

While the rest of the world obsesses over tablet computers and smart phones in 2011, Yukoners will be focused on something else entirely: internet data.

Or, in more precise terms, the relative lack of it that Northwestel provides.

Over the holiday season, Northwestel published a series of posts to Twitter using the #chkuse tag.

The campaign was apparently designed to raise awareness about how to “check” your “use” of internet data.

Instead, it raised flags about an apparent rising level of paranoia within Northwestel regarding the increasingly massive amounts of data its customers are using.

It’s a tough position that Northwestel is in. The company is a legacy cable and telephone operator, heavily invested in old technologies.

This is a company that clearly understands traditional telephone and cable television services.

That is, it has a firm grip on the past.

What this company doesn’t understand (despite my repeated predictions in this column) is that its customers are quickly moving away from those old fashioned services. Continue reading