Sign the Petition to Stop the Meter!

I encourage everyone to take a moment today and sign the online petition to stop ISPs from charging Canadians for internet based on usage. Why? Because, as is currently demonstrated with charges based on over-use, the internet will cost more, and you’ll get less.

Today is a big day to get the Liberal Party on side with this (the NDP have already stated they’re against use-based billing) and get Parliament moving to kill the CRTC’s recent anti-consumer decision.

This is a matter of the utmost importance to Canadians. We are already one of the most underserved and over-billed internet populations in the world. If the ISPs start metering our use and billing us based on it, we’ll begin paying much, much more for internet and we’ll use it less.

As a result, important elements of culture, society, and the economy will fall further and further behind both domestically and internationally. Don’t let this happen. Put your name on the petition and let the Liberal Party and parliament know that Canadians want an affordable, usable internet.