A Visitors Guide to Driving in Whitehorse, Yukon

A couple of recent conversations with visitors to our cold town revealed to me that, despite having similar signage and traffic signalling to other North American jurisdictions, local driving practice is very different. To aid visiting motorists who venture out on the streets of Whitehorse, Yukon, I’ve prepared this guide to assist them in being better prepared for local driving conditions.

Sign Local Practice
Green traffic signal You are free to talk on your mobile phone and generally disregard motorists and pedestrians.
A yellow traffic signal Gun it!
Really gun it!
Stop sign Yield. Or at least slow down a bit. Please?
Yield sign Attempt to intimidate other motorists with the sound of your truck’s engine.
Stop line sign Advance past this point approximately 10 metres and do your best to interfere with traffic passing through the intersection.
4-way intersection sign 

3-way intersection sign

Generally displayed along with a “Stop” sign, it is believed these signs have only historical value, representing a time when local government was working to reduce sexual deviance among the population. These signs are now disregarded.
Do Note Enter sign Free ice cream bars ahead, keep going or you’ll miss your chance.
Maximum 50 km/h sign “Maximum” really means “minimum”. And 50 means 60. 

In other words, don’t you dare travel any slower than 60 km/h around here or you’ll be closely tailgated and cast stern disapproving glances.

School Zone sign
Disregard these signs. They are for ornamental purposes only.
Pedestrian crossing sign Target practice ahead.
No Pedestrian crossing sign You are not allowed to kill the pedestrians who will inevitably jump out in front of your vehicle here.
You can park here only with a fantastic excuse.
Handicap parking sign You may park here only if you sufficiently injure a passing pedestrian enough to put them in a wheelchair.Example

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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! Do you think they might publish that in the papers? I get an incredible amount of dirty looks every day for only doing 60 on the 2-mile, lol. The only time I see a patrol car these days is at accident scenes. Maybe they should be doing a little more preventative ticketing.

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