Conservative Platforms Promises to Bring US Homeland Security Paranoia to Canada

In what can only be described as a goal of dystopian lunacy, the Conservative platform includes a shady corner that promises to vastly increase cost pressures on Canadian internet providers – no doubt thus driving costs to us up even higher – by requiring the implementation of technologies that would permit the government secret, uninhibited access to our private information and online habits.

The Conservatives have promised to ram a “lawful access” bill through parliament as part of an anti-crime omnibus bill within their first 100 days as a majority government.

To get the full back story on this issue, check out Michael Geists blog post, “The Conservatives Commitment to Internet Surveillance“, in which he concludes:

Few would argue that it is important to ensure that law enforcement has the necessary tools to address online crime issues. But these proposals come at an enormous financial and privacy cost, with as yet limited evidence that the current legal framework has impeded important police work…

Given the Conservatives have included fast tracking lawful access in their platform, they should be asked to explain the need for new Internet surveillance, address who will pay for it, and justify their proposal legislative approach to these dramatic reforms that have never been the subject of Parliamentary debate or hearings.

It’s tough to consider voting for a party that promises to steal personal rights, freedoms, and privacy for no apparent good reason.

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