Improving Mobile Phone Signal in Your Home or Office

Rather than juggle the cost and hassle of multiple phone bills, most of us are dumping Ye Olde Landline in favour of pocket-friendly mobile phones.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a challenge to use these devices in our homes and offices because of a weak signal from distant or hidden cell towers.

Lucky for us, then, there’s are things called “cell phone signal boosters.”

This device, which looks like a Wifi base station, acts like a miniature cell phone tower that you can plug in at your house or office to boost your local cell phone signal.

Over the last few months in Whitehorse I’ve had a couple of friends trying out a loaner cell phone signal booster called the zBoost from Wi-Ex. Both friends live in that densely populated suburb called Riverdale, where cell phone signal is notoriously awful.

(But you can get 5 bars of 3G signal way out at Helen’s Fish Camp on Lake Laberge – what’s up with that?) Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself from Internet Data Thieves

So, in case you didn’t know yet, Sony got hacked a couple of weeks ago.

Big time.

And then they got hacked again last week.

Big time.

Hackers successfully downloaded more than 70 million user accounts worldwide, 1 million in Canada alone.

Have you ever played a Playstation 3 or PSP game online? Have you ever bought a movie or music from the Playstation store?

(Or has anyone else in your family?)

If you have, well, you should consider your personal information currently for sale on the black market.

That would probably include at least your email address, your password, your home address, and your credit card details.

Even if you haven’t been affected by Sony’s failure to protect its customers, take heed.

It could have been any online service.  Continue reading