How many apps do you actually use on your smartphone?

So you’ve got a smartphone, an iPhone or Android device, whatever. How many apps have you installed on it? How many do you actually use?

An interesting post over at 37signal, Ten Apps is All I Need obviously suggests that 10’s the magic number.

Personally, I seem to use 16 apps on my iPhone on a daily basis, probably in this order:

  1. Mail
  2. Messages
  3. Feeddler Pro
  4. Twitter
  5. Safari
  6. Evernote
  7. 2Do
  8. Words with Friends
  9. Weather
  10. Billings
  11. Kindle/Kobo/iBooks (depends on what I’m reading)
  12. Remote
  13. RunKeeper (okay, maybe every other day)
  14. Instagram
  15. Globe News
  16. Tabs

There are a slew of other apps that I use irregularly, and then a ton of games that my son is indiscriminately wont to grab my iPhone our of my hand and play. In total, though, I have about 176 apps actually on my iPhone at any given time. And I’ve got over 1,000 in my iTunes library.

Clearly, most of my apps just sit around collecting dust. But, you know, it’s my job to download and try out random apps, so I’m probably quite different than the average smartphone user.

What about you? How many apps are on your smartphone? How many do you actually use?