Internet Report: More Backhoe Blues in the North?

The internet in the North seems to be sucking wind (again).

Speeds test fine to Northwestel over my cable modem connection:

But once you head southward, it gets pretty bad. Here’s Edmonton, for example:

And here’s Vancouver:

And here’s San Francisco (ugh):

Interestingly, however, the connection to Yellowknife is reasonable. And by reasonable, I mean not sucking as bad as the others. This is likely due to the pseudo-redundancy Northwestel recently implemented, however.

What’s more, the mobile internet connection to Edmonton appears to be doing fine:

However, the connection back into Northwestel’s network from the Bell network? Not so happy:

Anyone else out there experiencing slow internet? Northwestel’s support line reports no problems, but I find browsing the net today painfully slow.

8 thoughts on “Internet Report: More Backhoe Blues in the North?

  1. Where does our redundancy cable come from? I thought it came through Alaska, if the speed was faster to them, that may prove that our main cable is out.

  2. I’m getting my full 5Mb allotment to Edmonton, Vancouver, and even SF this morning. surely prides itself on creating new and inscrutable user interfaces every few months. The throbbing highlight that glows from each control is particularly attractive.

  3. I wonder if the Canada research network (can’t think of the name, but there are connections at the Yukon College/Yukon Arts Centre) has similar issues with downtime and slow speeds. I also wonder if it is fully utilized, as it has a significant amount of bandwidth allocated to it.

    I’m thankful that I am out of the Yukon now and can enjoy regular high speeds (40+ Mb/s) with Shaw.

  4. My ADSL service (at Mary Lake, southern rural Whitehorse) is just erratic – more erratic than usual. It was dead slow yesterday for a couple of hours (barely functioning), not bad now. I don’t test speeds anymore – since it accomplishes nothing and I have enough useless trivia filed away 🙂

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