Mobile app lets you pay with your name

I love the functionality, but the privacy issues that Card Case introduces are almost unfathomable. Imagine being in a mall with this app active in your pocket: dozens of shops would know you’re in the vicinity.

Then what’s being done with all of the data describing your travels? Who owns that, who is it share with, and how is it managed? Who is it being resold to?

Card Case sounds sort of like an ankle bracelet for shoppers.

Mobile app lets you pay with your name:

The app [Card Case] automatically opens a tab when it detects that a customer is within 100 meters (328 feet) of a business, as long as they’ve enabled the functionality in the app and approved the business.

The user’s arrival, along with their name and photo, is announced on the merchant’s app giving them the ability to charge products and services to the customer’s credit card.

“You can pay without ever reaching for your purse, taking out your wallet, or even your phone,” said Quinn. “It requires no new or unusual customer behaviour – you don’t have to wave your phone, or preload money.”

(Via The Globe and Mail – Technology RSS feed)

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  1. This is so not an app I would feel comfortable getting. BBTW the mobile version of your site makes t so I can’t see the comment I’m posting while I’m typing it. Sorry for the typos!

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