Texting and Driving More Like Smoking?

I find this quite true:

…the cigarette analogy [is] more apt [to driving while operating a vehicle] than drunken driving because … people who drive drunk do not find any satisfaction in doing so. In contrast, checking e-mail or chatting while driving might relieve the tedium of being behind the wheel.

This idea leads me to think there’s also a link with the automated systems on the road, like stop lights, that implicitly enable us to pay less attention to the act of driving.

From “News Analysis: Reframing the Debate Over Using Phones While Driving” in the New York Times.

2 thoughts on “Texting and Driving More Like Smoking?

  1. >>…scientists said, the phone is very hard to resist. “There is absolutely an issue with compulsion,” said David Greenfield, … who runs a clinic called the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction. “Anyone who doubts that, take away your phone for a day,” Dr. Greenfield added. “You’ll feel weird, ill at ease, uncomfortable.” <<

    Speak for yourself, Doc – I hate my Blackberry and have no problem leaving it sitting at home. It seldom gets used, though it is handy at times.

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