Keeping Your Kids Safe Online is Your Job

Summer is finally here, in spirit if not in environmental fact. That means kids are out of school with plenty of downtime. And you know what they say about idle hands, right? Well, it applies double to keyboards and touchscreens.

It’s not even funny the amount of trouble I was able to get into as a kid with just a bike, an ardent sense of curiosity, and a wide-open summer day.

But that was nothing compared to the damage kids can do online these days.

The internet threatens way more dangers than a secondhand bike and a lost afternoon in the sun ever could — helmet or no helmet. Continue reading

Web 3.0: Kamikaze Business

Near the end of World War II, Japan began turning some of its aircraft into massive piloted bombs. Packed full of explosives, once in the air these planes would be unable to even land.

Their human pilots had one mission: blow up. Preferrably by ploughing into Allied sea vessels, of course.

It was a tremendous and ironic admission on Japan’s part. Unable to win the war on traditional terms, the country and its soliders needed to make the ultimate sacrifice: self immolation. Kamikaze.

That same sort of mentality seems to be gripping the business side of the technology industry these days.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have grown into monstrous, seemingly unstoppable business behemoths. Startup businesses can’t possibly compete, much less beat them. The odds of success are against them from the start.

So instead of approaching business from a traditional standpoint, startups are adopting a kamikaze mentality. They don’t even plan to succeed. They plan to launch and crash. Preferrably into the pockebook of Google or Facebook or Apple, of course. Continue reading