Is that your inbox in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

As summer sputters to a dismal close it’s time to refocus on work and all of its tailings — like email.

Yuck, right? Who likes email?

Apparently we all do. We carry it around in our pockets.

I blame the Blackberry for this societal malfeasance.

But it doesn’t need to go on.

I urge you to join me in unweaving this discoloured thread from the fabric of our collective existence.

Take your email off your phone.

Do it now. Continue reading

Nobody’s Perfect

I spent the summer bouncing around between various computing platforms and services. None, I’ve discovered is perfect (no surprise there).

As a result of my dabbling, word associations for the offerings from each company have evolved in my mind as simple mental models:

Google: Crude but effective

Microsoft: Stylishly impractical

Apple: Refined yet crippled

At the end of it all, I find myself wanting a part of each company’s approach to computing: Google’s effectiveness wrapped up in Microsoft’s style, all honed to Apple’s perfect refinement.


Can We Trust Apple with Software and Services?

The road to Apple’s hardware success is littered with the detritus of dead software and services.

Hypercard. AppleWorks. iDVD. iWeb. iDisk. Safari for Windows. MobileMe.

I could go on.

This stuff runs the gamut from lauded to maligned, but they all have one thing in common: people depended on them and Apple unceremoniously killed them.

It’s enough to leave a long-time Mac user like me wondering: can we really depend on Apple to remain committed to any software or service? Continue reading