We All Share Responsibility for Amanda Todd

Sure, there were specific bullies, predators and silent bystanders directly involved in the death of Amanda Todd. But we’re culpable too, each and every one of us.

To not accept that is willful blindness on our part. To think we can simply wag our collective finger at the people who tricked her into exposing herself, or kicked her as she lay in the schoolyard, or that did nothing as she silently screamed for help, is ignorant.

We helped manufacture the people that committed these acts. We helped manufacture Amanda Todd herself.

The case of Amanda Todd represents a firestorm of the very worst ways that we use the internet and technology in general, of how we relate to one another online.

While there’s been much celebration of the internet as a tool for freedom, we have a harder time recognizing the sword it can be for cutting people down. Continue reading

Not Thinking of Buying a Windows Phone? You Should Be…

I’ve been using a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7 off and on for a couple weeks.

It’s a uniquely beautiful device. And Microsoft’s Windows Phone software is refreshingly different from competing products like Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

I enjoyed using the Lumia 800 so much that sometimes I had guilt — like I was cheating on the one I love, my iPhone 4S. Continue reading