Texting and driving? You’re an idiot.

It’s that season again.

Snow is on the ground and so Whitehorse drivers seem hell-bent on re-establishing themselves as the worst in Canada.

What makes us more inclined to gun it through an amber light when the intersection’s iced up?

Why does tailgating seem to make more sense when visibility is limited by ice fog?

And why do we choose to text-and-drive more when the roads are in their most dangerous state?

I’ve seen a ton of people steering with their elbows while they thumb-tap out messages on a cell phone lately.

And for what? To share some irrelevant little messages at the risk of a catastrophic, even deadly, accident?

Yeah, that make sense.

Except for the fact it’s a recipe for instantly turning LOL into TTYL.

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Remembering Reality: A Moment of Silence for the Master Chief, Please

What a remarkable collision of events this week.

On Tuesday, the launch of the most expensive video game ever produced, Halo 4, competed for attention with the most expensive US presidential election campaign ever run. This occurred just as Media Literacy Week began. And it all leads up to Remembrance Day this Sunday.

Wow. If Canadians were ever challenged to separate wheat from the never ending chaff of information that we must constantly process, this was the week.

We had to assess reality itself, in a way.

Is the US Commander in Chief any more real than Halo’s main character, the Master Chief? Continue reading