The Facebook Anti-Phone

Facebook has invited tech journalists (present company excepted — what’s up with that?) to an event at their HQ next week. (Facebook plans press event for Jan. 15, National Post)

The invitation reads: “Come and see what we’re building”.

I’m going to briefly let my imagination run wild with this and predict that Facebook is about to take a huge step into the future with the launch of the first “anti-phone”. By this I mean they’ll introduce an internet-connected handheld computer, similar to a smartphone, that doesn’t make phone calls. Instead, the device will be based around Facebook’s suite of services and feature its new (currently Canada-only) VOIP capability in place of a traditional phone service.

What’s more, I bet they add on a service like that offered by the Vonage iPhone and Android app to enable calls to phone numbers from your Facebook account for free.

This is going to happen some day, and Facebook is a natural place for it to happen first.

The device will be unlocked (so you’ll be able to buy a SIM card from any service provider) and sell for something in the range of a Nexus 4, like $300 or so.

3 thoughts on “The Facebook Anti-Phone

    • Interesting concept, and VOIP is definitely the future for both mobile and home/office devices, but if you still have to pay for a mobile plan, I’m not entirely sure what the advantage is, Would Bell/Rogers offer cheaper plans for just mobile data and not voice? Perhaps I’m not fully understanding the concept. In a place where wifi is ubiquitous, which should be everywhere within the next decade I assume, I can see the advantage of such technology, but right now it seems like another gimmick that I don’t see making a dent in the likes of Apple/Samsung. But there’s a reason I’m only commenting and you’re the one getting the tech invites!

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