New Devices Have a Lot of zzzz Power

There’s an unfortunate cultural problem with RIM’s new handset,  the Z10: is it a “zed-ten” or a “zee-ten”? RIM is a Canadian company, after all, so one would assume the former. But it’s also desperate for the White House’s business, and can you imagine President Obama ever uttering the syllable, “zed”?

Another company that’s latched onto the lame brained Z-letter bandwagon is Sony.  It’s latest and greatest handset is the Xperia Z.

You’d think two companies arguably on their last legs in the mobile business would more carefully consider the names of the devices that represent their final stab at credibility.

Never mind the fact that there are varied pronunciations for the letter Z around the world. Z is the end of the alphabet, and it’s just too rich not to draw analogies to these Z-letter devices being the” last chapter” of companies like RIM and Sony, considering their precarious states.

Perhaps most fittingly,  however is how that choice letter might be used to described these devices beyond their formal names:


The marketing folks at RIM and Sony really didn’t think this one through, did they?

One thought on “New Devices Have a Lot of zzzz Power

  1. there’s no such thing as bad publicity; and they got you writing about their products just by using the letter zed in the names. to quote the A-team (and I never pass up a chance to do that), “I love it when a plan comes together…”

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