The Internet’s Spying Eyes Are of Our Own Making

We’re under assault!

Our rights are being taken away! Our privacy is being invaded!

Somebody do something!

We learned last week that several western governments are collecting information about what we’re doing on the internet.

The US and the UK, even Canada, are keeping tabs on our every move.

Gasp! The horror!

Seriously? We’re surprised by this?

We’ve had the internet’s patron saint, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, delivering dire warnings about this for years. Continue reading

Surface Tension: The Niggly Bits of Microsoft’s Taptop

“The devil’s in the details,” they say, and some time I recently spent with Microsoft’s Surface taptop* demonstrated that to me.

Microsoft very kindly left a full-kitted Surface Pro in my inquisitive hands for a very long period of time so as to provide me the opportunity to experience the company’s post-PC vision. Overall, it was an incredibly positive time. But there are some scratches I have to itch here, so bear with me. Continue reading

Replacing Central Bankers with Video Game Players

As we turned off the Xbox the other day, my son turned to me and said, “I wish we could use all the money we make in video games in real life.”

We’d just pillaged a Skyrim dungeon for a dragon’s weight in gold and were feeling pretty rich with ourselves.

I smiled and nodded at his cute naïveté and mumbled, “Me too.”

And then I paused and thought, “But why not?”

There’s an emerging digital currency called BitCoin, which exists only online and is used to purchase real world goods.

And what do the central bankers of the world really do if not play an extravagant video game involving numbers on a screen? Continue reading