Cell Phones are Shackles at Bell Prison

If you’re a Bell customer, the company will make you its prisoner next month when it turns your mobile phone into the equivalent of an ankle bracelet that tracks your every move.

And your contract with Bell will become your prison sentence that indentures you to suffer an nigh-escapable term of information servitude to the company.

Starting November 16, Bell will collect data about where you go, who you phone, what apps you use, what web sites you visit, along with many others details about how, when, and where you use your mobile device. Continue reading

We Can’t Trust NorthwesTel

Everybody has at least one “NorthwesTel Sucks!” story. A couple of weeks back we all got a new one.

As any customer so unfortunate as to be incarcerated in NorthwesTel’s service structure knows, it’s a constant struggle to live within the prison of painfully low data caps that the company provides.

Even NorthwesTel’s most expensive internet package offers a data limit so low that it’s nearly impossible to avoid exceeding it in this age of Netflix, YouTube and Steam.

And if you do go over? Oh boy, you could mortgage a small house with the fiscal punishment NorthwesTel will inflict.

To help us avoid being beaten down with those overuse penalties, the company provides us with an ad hoc tool for keeping track of how much internet data we use.

The problem is, it’s difficult to use, it’s undependable, and it’s prone to failure.

So none of us should be surprised that just last month this crude data monitoring and alert system that NorthwesTel duct-taped together a few years back inexplicably broke. Continue reading