Samsung SmartTV an ‘absurd’ privacy intruder, Ann Cavoukian says

Samsung SmartTV an ‘absurd’ privacy intruder, Ann Cavoukian says

I was speaking to a group of seniors a little while back about just this issue. The “Internet of Things” is a growing industrial movement with limited practical utility and an undefined demand from consumers. More and more devices that we bring into our lives can track, watch, listen to and monitor us, yet we don’t know why and we don’t know what happens to the information they collect. Intended to seem intelligent by being responsive to our most natural methods of communication, it turns out that their “smart” qualities are really about surveillance (case in point: Amazon’s Echo). More often that not, they’re so badly designed (I’m looking at the Microsoft Kinect perched atop my TV as I write this) that they really offer us no usefulness at all and are instead just great data harvesters. The “Internet of Things” is a classic example of the tech industry putting the cart before the horse. We’d all do well to exercise caution with these so-called “smart” devices that are a thread in the “Internet of Things” mesh before that horse drives that cart over us in its blindness.