About Transferring Files Between Cloud Storage Services

If you store a lot of files in the cloud using services like Dropbox and OneDrive, then you know what a hassle it can be to move your stuff between them, especially when it’s en masse. You have to download it all from Dropbox, say, to your PC or Mac, then upload it all to OneDrive. This is not only a time-wasting hassle, but it can be expensive if you have limited bandwidth available to you and get penalized for over use, as I do.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it that way. There are services available that offer direct transfers of files between cloud storage services. And, oddly, some are free.

I’ve found two companies that enable you to move full directories, or “folders,” of files between service providers: Mover and MultCloud. Of the two, Mover is more robust and better designed. It offers a free tier of service with some limitations for personal use, and paid tiers for businesses with multiple users or lots of data. MultCloud is totally free and, as far as I can tell, unlimited for any type of use. The only drawback to MultCloud is that the user interface isn’t quite as well designed.

Both companies basically let you set up large file transfers between cloud services, then close your browser and walk away. None of your bandwidth is used and the transfer takes places directly between the cloud services without your involvement. You just get an email when it’s all done.

If you want to transfer individual files back and forth between service providers on the fly, JoliCloud offers that service for a fee of about $7 a month. JoliCloud doesn’t permit full directory transfers, though, just files.

It’s worth mentioning that JoliCloud has a free tier of service that’s pretty useful, too. It lets you “manage your digital life” by consolidating all your social media and cloud accounts in one browser window. That way you can browse and manage them all simultaneously.

Many of us have been hesitant about storing too much stuff in the cloud for fear of being trapped with one service provider. It’s expensive and time consuming to move files back and forth from your devices to the cloud. So it’s nice to see this “cloud migration” industry mature, enabling us to simply move stuff around up there.