About Sacrificing Children to Eliminate the Federal Deficit

You’re an elected government official in public office. You have two choices:

  1. Save a child from a sexual predator.
  2. Reduce the federal deficit.

Which would you choose?

If you’re a Conservative Party member, you probably opted to leave that child on the cold basement floor of her cruel sexual abuser, bleeding and in pain, just like the Harper government did.

Over the past five years, at the behest of the Conservatives and in the name of “reducing the federal deficit,” the RCMP drastically scaled back its battle against child pornography in Canada, to the tune of $10 million. For details, check out the chilling story on CBC: Child-porn policing program suffers from RCMP underspending – Report says Mounties withheld millions from online child porn fight to help reduce federal deficit.

But, wait… Just a couple of years ago, Prime Minister Harper was posturing strength on the subject of child pornographers:

“Sadly there are truly evil people out there. The fact is we don’t understand them and we don’t particularly care to. We understand only that they must be dealt with.”

(CTV: Prime Minister Harper says tougher laws coming for child sex offences)

The contradiction shouldn’t surprise us, though. We should expect any commitment made by the Harper government to be tempered with the traditional Conservative caveat: as long as it doesn’t cost too much money.

And so a healthy federal budget was won on the backs – and various other body regions – of children who remain in grotesquely abusive situations.

During the upcoming election, when you hear a Conservative boast about reducing the federal deficit, remember the children still trapped in dark places who were sacrificed in the name of that abstract campaign platitude.

What would I rather hear from a politician at my doorstep? How about “Sorry, we didn’t hit our budgetary targets. But let me tell you about this 8-year-old girl we helped the RCMP save from the cruelty and depravity of a sexual predator…”