About Apple’s Bandwidth Brute: Photos

Last week Apple released a new version of Yosemite, the operating system that runs on Mac computers. Setting aside its small technical improvements, this release sports one major upgrade: an app called Photos, which is designed to replace the aged iPhoto.

If you’re a Mac user you probably use iPhoto. When you upgrade to the new version of Yosemite, your Mac will try to coerce you into migrating your iPhoto library to Photos. I recommend you do this.

For the most part, Photos is a significant improvement over iPhoto. The app is more fluid, intuitive and has a modern design. I much prefer it over its predecessor.

But there will come a point in the migration process from iPhoto to Photos where the new app asks if you want to use Apple’s iCloud Photo Library to store your photos and videos in the cloud. I would strongly caution you against enabling this option. There is a tremendous risk associated with using Photo’s iCloud Photo Library. Continue reading