Election Promises No Improvement to Internet in Canada

The OECD ranks Canada 24th (out of 34) in wireless broadband subscriptions, well below the global average. We’re 16th in terrestrial broadband. 13% of Canadians still can’t even access the internet.

Being an online laggard puts a drag on Canada’s economy. Research indicates the internet contributes more to GDP in many developed countries than either agriculture or energy.

Cost is the major factor in getting Canadians online. Ours is among the top three most expensive broadband markets in the world.

Here in Yukon it’s even worse. This is one of the top 2 most expensive broadband regions in Canada. The prices we pay can be anywhere from double to twenty times more than those charged to our southern compatriots.

I won’t even mention the quality of service up here, because the lack thereof is still so very fresh in everyone’s mind.

The Yukon government referred to broadband internet as essential to Yukon homes and businesses in a CRTC filing earlier this year. It has promised improvements many times.

But that government is frozen with indecision, leaving Yukon citizens wedged between it and a private national conglomerate that behaves like a dairy farmer, milking its customers for all we’re worth.

Unfortunately, neither our local candidates nor their parties have even an inkling of a strategy for improving the status of Yukon and Canada in the global information economy. The niqab has taken priority.

As far as the internet is concerned in Canada and Yukon, this election will bring no change.