About the iPad Pro

I received my iPad Pro about a day ago and have a few early thoughts.

First, the obvious: it’s big. Part of that is due to the screen ratio. But it’s just really big.

The audio system in this thing is amazing. The highs are crisp and clear, the bass literally vibrates up your arms through your fingertips. You don’t need an external speaker system with the iPad Pro. The audio system is the best I’ve ever heard in a mobile device. Better than any notebook computer I’ve ever used, actually.

There have been complaints that the iPad Pro uses the old Touch ID. I prefer it. I find the Touch ID in my iPhone 6S Plus too fast. I prefer the response rate on this iPad Pro.

After a day of use, though, it’s clear that this iPad is not meant to be used solo. Smaller iPads suit just fingers well. The iPad Pro is something you can hold, easily, but its scale more than its weight make it something that works better propped up.

I like it, though. I’ve played around working with the split screen mode and enjoyed it.

But I guess that’s the main thing about the iPad Pro: it needs app support. The apps that have been updated with full iPad Pro support are phenomenal and highlight the incredible potential of this device. The apps that just scale up for the screen, though, emphasize the fact that the iPad Pro can’t be used that way. It needs to have apps updated specifically for its screen size or it simply won’t reach its full potential.

I’m sure that’s just a matter of time, though.