About Storing the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil costs $130. It’s incredibly hard to get. Right now there’s a 5 week wait to get one. It’s value is nearly incalculable since, for now, it’s effectively irreplacable. (Though on eBay you can currently buy one for about $500.)

Yet the Apple Pencil is really easy to lose. It’s slim and slippery. It fell out of my pocket yesterday when I sat down. It just slipped right out onto the floor, just like that.

I’m absolutely terriffied of losing this thing.

So, to try and alleviate my fears, I ordered an iPad Pro Dodocase yesterday.

I ordered this particular case for just one reason. It was the only case I’ve found on the market that provides a simple, effective solution for storing your Pencil.

Dodocases are usually pretty good anyway, but I’m desparate for a way to keep this ultra-losable device unlost. Of course, there’s no solution for integrating a keyboard into Dodocase, but I’m just so terrified of losing the Pencil that I ordered one anyway (Dodcase currently has a 35% off everything sale, and that was really the straw thay broke my wallet’s back). I’m hopeful that some third party will soon release an iPad Pro keyboard that doesn’t include an integrated case and can be used with existing cases. Fingers crossed.

Aesthetically, though, I prefer this similar leather folio case from Pad and Quill.

I would have ordered this one. But I was disappointed that they hadn’t included integrated storage for the Pencil as Dodocase had. Just a simple elastic loop is all it takes. It’s the more handsome option, I feel, but without the utility to store a Pencil I simply couldn’t consider it. I really do prefer its appearance, though.

Okay, now to go find that Pencil…

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