About the Logitech CREATE Keyboard for iPad Pro

This thing is an absolute beast.

It adds considerable mass to the iPad Pro, effectively turning it into a notebook computer. In fact, once you have the iPad Pro jammed into the case (and that’s the only way to describe how you install the iPad Pro, you jam it in there — and good luck getting it out again) you’ve pretty much doubled the weight of the device as a whole. And then the whole package literally becomes enormous. And, despite this mass, there’s nowhere to store a Pencil. Granted, not every iPad Pro owner will have a Pencil, but I expect most will. A case of this enormity should have a solution for stashing a Pencil.

And it’s not pretty. The fabric-y feel of the outside of the case feels more sort of kevlar-y, so it’s like you’re carrying around a bullet proof slab of metal. It’s not pleasant. And the seams, where the top and bottom of the case come together when you close it, are not nice, all sort of uneven. It looks especially ugly when it’s closed, sort of like a decrepit old clamshell.

Then opening that clamshell is about as hard as opening a real clam. It’s a struggle that requires two hands and a surprising amount of force. That’s mostly because of the weight of the iPad itself, but also because there’s some kind of magnet at work and the top portion of the case itself adds weight that you have to lift against.

The keyboard itself – the whole reason for buying this thing, I suppose – is great from a usability perspective. Logitech, not surprisingly, has nailed the size and feel of the keys. It’s one of the very best keyboards I’ve ever typed on.

But it’s noisy. Like, crazy noisy. Each keystroke makes a cruel pounding sound. It’s not a light clickety-clack, it’s more a dull, echoey whack-whack. The volume is such that I’m typing this beside my snoozing 12-year-old son and it’s waking him up.

I think of this case as a tank. It’s big, ugly, tough, and noisy. Clearly there’s some great technology here, but it demands refinement. You get the feeling Logitech rushed this thing out the door, and you can almost hear the designers in their organization weeping over how much better a device it could have been if they’d just had more time with it.

Oh well, next year we’ll see version 2, probably –hopefully, and it should be slighter, lighter, and quieter.

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