About how Ice Wireless is the discount carrier of the northern internet

In the world of airlines, there are top-tier operators, like the luxurious-but-accident-prone Air Canada, and discount carriers, like Newleaf, where prices are low but so is service.

Ice Wireless could definitely be considered northern Canada’s discount internet provider. Their services are cheaper, though not by much. Service, however, is definitely on the low side compared to competitors.

Put simply, Ice’s internet speeds simply aren’t up to contemporary standards. I subscribe to their home internet service just for the cheap data, so I can avoid paying overuse penalties to the North’s incumbent provider every month. However, I couldn’t use Ice as a core service right now. The service is simply too slow and laggy.

Worse, though, Ice’s customer service is abysmal. I’ve been leaving voicemails and emails with them all week that simply go unanswered. (I’m trying to figure out how to set up an online account with them so I can check my data use. There’s no obvious way to do it – another big problem with their service.)

What’s perhaps most painful, though, is that Ice could become a premier northern internet service provider with a few adjustments to their technical infrastructure.

Apparently their system has already been upgraded to provide super-fast 4G speeds, but they just haven’t turned it on yet for customers.

And the “lag” I mentioned in my last post could easily be corrected with a minor routing adjustment that would make data travel more efficiently over their network, another quick way to improve speeds.

For some reason, Ice has been promising the make these adjustments for months, but is choosing not to do so.

The absurdly bad customer service, well, that’s probably a whole other ball of wax.

Where Newleaf couldn’t become a luxury airline overnight with a free quick technical tweaks, Ice could easily launch itself into the top-tier of northern internet providers overnight.

The company chooses to delay these improvements, however. It’s unclear why.