About mobile data costs in Canada

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I’m analyzing data costs across mobile telecommunications carriers in Canada, following up on a post I wrote almost 2 years ago, “About Hacking Your Phone Bill to Save a Ton of Money“. I’m planning on buying myself out of my Telus contract when the iPhone X comes out, not getting a carrier voice plan, instead going pure VOIP on that device.

I’m looking for where the best value is on mobile data-only plans with Canadian carriers.  Here are my key findings:

  • Telus is mid-priced up to the 5 GB level, then gets ridiculous with its $50/GB over-use penalties.
  • Public Mobile is surprisingly expensive.
  • Ice Wireless is the cheapest but the quality of that company’s internet service is so poor I would recommend against using it.
  • Virgin Mobile is the best value and has relatively low cost. As a current customer I can vouch for the high quality of the internet service and their data costs are almost equivalent to Ice Wireless.

In closing, I’d recommend Virgin Mobile for data-only mobile purposes. For example, it’s the best option for ditching a mobile phone line and moving over to a VOIP option.

Side note: Why isn’t Bell on here? Because Bell is pure evil (“Bell Calls for CRTC-Backed Website Blocking System and Complete Criminalization of Copyright in NAFTA“) and I won’t consider them for conscientious reasons.

(Yes, I know Virgin is a subsidiary of the Evil Bell. But so is Northwestel. I’m already using one of the devil’s little brothers, why not use another?)