Hey, Northwestel. What’s So Special About High Level, Alberta?

I was browsing Northwestel’s cable internet plans today and stumbled upon the fact, captured in the screen shot below, that Northwestel provides exceptionally preferential high speed internet pricing to a teensy weensy little town in northern Alberta called High Level.

High Speed Cable Classic in High Level, Alberta

High Speed Cable Classic in High Level, Alberta

In case you can’t read the tiny print in the screen grab, I’ll summarize it this way: Northwestel gives this town of just over 4,000 souls three times the monthly bandwidth for half what Whitehorse pays. Yeah, that’s 60 GB for $50 per month.

Northwestel’s Ultra service in High Level not only gives more data transfer per month, but the company also provides this town with improved data transfer rate, as illustrated in this screen grab:

Northwestel Loves High Level

High Speed Cable Ultra in High Level, Alberta

That’s a 20% improvement over Whitehorse download rates and double our upload rates.

So, what’s up with that, Northwestel? Why the love for this little cowpoke ville and the bird for the rest of us loyal customers, eh?

If you’re going to monopolize a regional industry, at least monopolize equally. Your “Bringing us together” slogan is starting to ring pretty hollow. Perhaps you should adopt something more relevant like, “Divide and conquer.”